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The Disadvantaged /skacore, ska-punk, crack rock steady, from Australia/

"The Disadvantaged are a 4 piece punk/ska band from Sydneys Inner west. We've been playing tunes together since our early child hood, since then we've been influenced by a shitload of international and local bands.
At some point in 2008 Kenta our current drummer joined the Disadvantaged crew and our sound changed heaps. So we recorded our first EP titled "End Of An Error" which will be a free CD that you can get from us at shows, or just download it off the myspace.
We've been played on US radio station "The Streets" and played with sick Australian bands The Black Market, Steppin Razor, Chaz H Scally, CapaCapo and a whole fuckload more."

2008 - End of An Error

1. The Disadvantaged - End of An Error (2:19)
2. The Disadvantaged - Mind Puzzlin' - ft. Enomatic (3:00)
3. The Disadvantaged - Cop Cunt (2:04)
4. The Disadvantaged - P.Y.M.W.Y.M.I (1:46)
5. The Disadvantaged - Busk It! (2:22)
6. The Disadvantaged - Christ Corp. (3:19)

13.2 Mb, 128 kbps

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/thedisadvantaged

The Living End - Live at Big Day Out 2003

The Living End - Live at Big Day Out 2003

1) Roll On (mpg; 38,9 mb)

2) Save The Day (mpg; 35,9 mb)

3) One Said To The Other (mpg; 38,6 mb)

4) From Here On In (mpg; 34,2 mb)

5) Pictures In The Mirror (mpg; 33,9 mb)

6) All Torn Down (mpg; 59,9 mb)

7) West End Riot (mpg; 50 mb)

8) Carry Me Home (mpg; 41,4 mb)
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Hard Luck (Hardcore, Australia)

Dead End - 2006

Codec: LAME 3.97
Bitrate: VBR ~174K/s 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hardluckhc

Track Listing
1. What's The Point (1:11)
2. Never Enough (1:09)
3. Nowhere (1:07)
4. To The Test (1:11)
5. Low Life (1:12)
6. For What (1:39)
7. I've Had It (1:25)
8. I'm On A Plain (1:24)
9. Lost (1:20)
10. Work Of Jerk (1:07)
11. Don't Even Bother (1:49)
12. Your Fate (1:14)
13. Down The Drain (1:09)
14. Escape (1:23)
15. Dead End (1:23)
16. Hidden Track [Chunks (Last Rights Cover)] (1:48)

Total Playing Time: 21:39 (min:sec)
Total Size: 27,2 MB (28 550 009 bytes)

Короче мне понравилось, бодрячком так, не приедается

One Dollar Short - 2001 - Board Game EP [Melodic Punk, Australia]

One Dollar Short - 2001 - Board Game EP [Melodic Punk, Australia]

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Размер - 16Мб!

Выкладываю потому что очень давно ищу клипу на песню Board Game с этой ип. У кого есть дайте знать...

STR - 2005 - Hopes For Hire [Fast Melodic Punk/Pop-Punk, Australia, 1998-2005]

STR - 2005 - Hopes For Hire [Fast Melodic Punk/Pop-Punk, Australia, 1998-2005]

картинка, оставленная пользователем

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Размер - 35 Мб!

Очень крутецкие ребята из Австралии... Крайне рекомендую)


InfluencesGood Riddance, Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, (old) Saves The Day, Get Up Kids, NoFX, Boy Sets Fire, Hot Water Music, old Fat Wreck Ords stuff.
Sounds LikeGood Riddance to Boy Sets Fire to Saves the Day.
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Dropsaw (hardcore / metalcore, australia)

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Dropsaw - Missing Limbs (2007) [V2 VBR, scene, 44Mb]
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отличный альбом, честно-честно! я думаю правильнее всего это можно обозвать - метализированный хардкор, но важно, что энергетика отличная! вокал прямо такой как я люблю. по-моему, похож на вокал The Dead Walk (тоже австралийский хк, очень нраица), только Dropsaw ещё круче.