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Lemon Party & Times New Roman (Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore/Experimental) "Pictures In The Wallet" Split

Lemon Party & Times New Roman "Pictures In The Wallet" Split (2010)

Genre: Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore/Experimental
Released: Unreleased
Download: (mp3, 192 кбит/сек, стерео, 44кГц)
Lemon Party:
1. Pictures In The Wallet
2. R.I.O. (feat. Adaen)
3. Violaceus
4. The Barrel
5. Erase My Memory, Please
Times New Roman:
6. Bite The Air
7. My Jailbait Won't Let Me Down
8. Pitfalls Of Love
9. Erineyes
10. About A Whore
11. Underaction
Tags: experimental, post-hardcore

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